Fundraising Success Begins Here

Our mission is to provide non-profits with the tools and funds they need to improve our world. We do this by offering a range of capacity-building services. No two non-profits are alike. So too are our partnerships. We cater our services to fit your needs and goals.

Headquarters & Back Office Support

We provide expert and comprehensive outsourced administrative support and specialize in international nonprofit work. For a fraction of the cost of operating your own office, we can provide the services that keep your organization running and on track.

Our office can be your U.S. address. We handle tasks like communicating with donors, receiving donations and other mail, as well as sending out your solicitation letters, handling banking and managing correspondence. Our offices are ready for your board meetings and for overseas visitors who need meeting space.

We can handle your financial record keeping, to make sure every dollar is properly recorded. We are expert at working with groups that partner with international organizations and handle grant approvals, transfers, and reporting. We can process your payroll, and be your liaison to accountants and lawyers to facilitate tax returns and filings. We also offer comprehensive database management services. Our stewardship services are tailored to your needs and include invoicing, premiums, gift acknowledgments and grant reporting.

Combine the managed logistics of our HQ services with our expert major gift fundraising for highly efficient operations.

If you’re reconsidering your office lease, looking for ways to cut costs and/or need a team to handle the day-to-day- contact us now!

Assessment & Strategy

Including Research and Planning

As you consider your goals, objectives and strategies, we can help you blaze a path forward toward effective fundraising. Having worked with hundreds of clients – and with a remarkable 30+ year track record – we know the fundraising landscape. As we listen to your specific needs and understand your unique vision, we can provide a full assessment of your current development program and help you reshape it for success.

Our strategic plans can include setting milestones and incremental goals, and a dynamic fundraising calendar. Most importantly, we will undertake broad-based research on new prospective funders who are in your space, and creative stewardship processes to retain your current donors.

Capital Campaigns

With feasibility studies and strategic planning

Our capital campaign experience spans international projects, national institutions, prominent schools and local houses of worship. We understand that every project is unique, with its own culture and leadership approach. Whether you plan to build a new facility, renovate an older one, or need to raise significant capital to increase your organization’s capacity, we can work with you on every aspect of the campaign.

We take feasibility studies a step further. We’ve created the “turnkey” method for capital campaigns, helping you design a campaign with a useful toolkit and jumpstarting it to both assess your capabilities and put them into action.

We begin by meeting with your leaders and influencers to drive the work of the all-important Capital Campaign Committee. We research your current donors and prospects extensively, and match prospects and solicitors, and train solicitors in making the ask. We give dedicated attention to each major solicitation, help craft compelling content, track progress, and keep the campaign successful from start to finish.

Major Gifts

Individual and institutional

We are expert at helping organizations secure major gifts, both from individuals and from foundations and corporations. We can help you raise more funds, whether you’re beginning a major, new initiative or simply looking to reboot your fundraising.

Our team of researchers, grant writers and development consultants can handle every step of major gift outreach. We begin by researching both your current donor base to see where there’s “low hanging fruit.” We will also do deep dive into the donor lists of your competitors; donors who give to more than one organization in your space are more likely to give to you, as well.

Then we’ll meet with your leadership so that we can identify connectors to new prospects. We will design an outreach plan for each major donor. We will write the letters and grant proposals that you need and work with you on compelling budgets that tell your story. We will track every step of the way so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Board Development & Training

Skill-building for professionals and lay leaders, solicitation training and recruitment for boards

A strong board can open many doors of opportunity for you. It can bring in new donors, help implement your vision and connect you to vital resources. We can train your current board to achieve more – and empower them to feel good about what they can do for you. Board members are volunteers. They deserve the best in guidance and training so that you and they can reach your goals.

Need to grow you board? We can do that, too! We can help you craft a job description for board members, identify the right mix of diversified representation and skill sets, and help you recruit the people you need for an outstanding leadership team.

Galas & Events

Fundraising dinners and special events (in-person and virtual)

We can help you with every detail of your upcoming gala – from helping to identify honorees and chairs, to handling all the fundraising and event logistics. We will work with your vendors or help you source the most cost-effective and creative feel for your event. We can do it all – from creating your budget to “night-of” staffing and even writing the script.

Whether it’s a large fundraising dinner, virtual gala, intimate upscale gathering, or an awards ceremony, we will create a personalized playbook – so that your event is both a financial success and the talk of the town.

Going virtual, especially for the first time, is both a challenge and opportunity that we can help you with. Even if you’ve never done a gala before, we’re here for you! We can walk you through every step toward a successful event and galvanize your leadership into a fundraising engine.